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Take back your life and regain control over all of the things you juggle: your health, fitness, career, business, studies, hobbies and commitments, with a calm unwavering sense of determination and courage?

And to truly understand the steps you need to take to achieve your BIG goals?

And do all this whilst understanding your blocks and learning how to overcome them in order to feel so much better about yourself physically and mentally?



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Why We Do What We Do 

We believe that everyone should have the chance to live a healthy and happy life. To learn the beauty of simplicity in supporting your wellness.  To quit complicating things and find an easier way.

To learn how to gently develop self esteem and self belief, grow confidence and achieve your goals.  And along the way, enjoy a positive, healthy lifestyle. 

It's not just sharing pretty self care quotes (although we love a bit of that!)...  We go deep.  We help you to identify the root cause of your wellness blocks. 

And then we take action: removing thinking distortions, guiding you and supporting you directly to move forward physically and mentally. 

To make a positive impact in your chosen field.

We help women like you to become amazing.

How We Do What We Do

Using our unique registered framework The BRAVE MethodⓇ, we coach, mentor and lead women to be better versions of themselves.

We are here to show you the way to a life of ease and flow. We know that to be truly happy and healthy, we need to create and be consistent with new happy and healthy habits. 

No more stress.  No more mindset blocks.  No more worrying. 

We share the load and value and support you by providing clarity, focus and direction.

We help you plan for success in every field:  personally and professionally.

We do things differently. 


Kate is an award-winning Coach, British Triathlon Tutor and Personal Trainer helping women to achieve life and fitness goals at all levels.

Dedicated to supporting women to understand hormonal balance and manage anxiety, create and stick to new habits and embrace the peri-menopausal and menopausal years, Kate brings gentle, supportive encouraging empathy to all her work.

Gill is an award-winning Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Mindfulness & NLP Practitioner and Nutrition Coach, specialising in calming and improving your life by mastering your mindset and clearing negative energies and mental blocks.

Gill brings compassionate understanding of the pressures facing women after surviving a stress related heart attack aged 43, and overcoming clinical hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes and regular migraines through simple mindset, yet highly effective, nutritional and lifestyle changes.

 ♡ Client Love

"As a busy mum of four, this programme came at the perfect time.  I had forgotten how to look after myself within the demands of family life and my physical and mental health was suffering.

This unique programme, using the combination of Gill and Kate's skills was delivered with the added personal touch with additional one to one calls and direct messaging included.  We also have an app to use in my own time which helps me stay on track.

The programme gave me the confidence to connect with the nine other women in a safe and secure environment.  We started sharing our ups, downs and fears in a way we couldn't share with friends.  We have helped each other connect and grow over the eight weeks and have formed valuable habits and friendships."

Vicky Mackay, Hotelier and Mum of Four

Connect Coaching Client


"Wow. What a journey! Not only have I learnt a massive amount about myself and how we tick, but I have connected with a group of total strangers who I would now consider my friends. We have laughed and cried together. This has had a massive impact on me, friends have noticed the change in me and my own kids can see the difference. So much so, I have signed up for the next six months, to continue my journey with these amazing people.
I say to anybody struggling in any situation, whatever walk of life you come from, whether you want to set up your own business or not, whether you are working or not, whether you are stuck in life and not moving forward, if you want help with stress, health, wellbeing, if you don't understand your hormones, it has something for everyone. I can't recommend it enough.
Thank you Gill Smith and Kate Offord. You really have changed my life" xx
Jo McNamara, Teacher and now a new Entrepreneur!
Connect Coaching Client



"Being together on this programme is really helping me and my mindset.  Have I felt as 'stressed' this week?  No, I haven't!  How when my to-do list is so long?  Because I'm taking control and finding it easier to 'do what I can' and 'do what's possible'.

I've taken three lunch breaks so far this week of varying lengths but I do feel more effective because of that!  That's more lunch breaks than I have taken for months!  I think the proof is in the pudding in the message from my mum today;

"To see you today still looking beautiful and fresh at 5pm made me happy.  This course you are on is helping you with your self worth...about time! Love you x"

If anyone can see right through my exhaustion (and my mask!), it's my wonderful Mum.

Thank you Gill and Kate.  One step at a time!" x

 Social Worker and Mum of Two

Connect Coaching Client



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